PEARL JAM The More You Need The Lees You Get cover

PEARL JAM: The More You Need – The Less You Get is a road movie in book form, packed with tales from the tribunes to the backstages of more than 20 dynamic and unique concerts,
from Barcelona and Berlin to Hawaii, New York and Buenos Aires. For more than two decades,

Danish rock musician and journalist Henrik Tuxen has been close to the band. Now Tuxen generously shares previously unpublished interviews, photos, insights and personal anecdotes of his first-hand interactions with the band. Tuxen has followed Pearl Jam since the very beginnings of the Seattle scene of the early 90s and has known the band personally since 1996 as a fan,
friend and journalist – and later as a liaison between the band and many of the nine families who lost a child during the band’s concert at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival on June 30, 2000, which
Tuxen witnessed from the stage. More than just a rock and roll narrative, the book is a story of tragedy and coping with grief, as well as a story of love and deep new relationships spanning
across ages, lifestyles and cultures.

“We never wanted anyone to write the official band biography, and we still feel that way. But if you choose to write your own interpretations, based upon all the things that we have experienced together and about what has happened, I would like to participate in any way that I can. I think that would be an interesting read and an important story to tell.”

— Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam.




Since 1996, rock journalist Henrik Tuxen has penned nearly 100 cover stories for Denmark’s leading music magazine, Gaffa, in addition to countless personal conversations and interviews with Pearl Jam, many of which were subsequently translated and used in the band’s official press materials. Also a musician himself, Tuxen was the bassist and backing vocalist in the band Sharing Patrol. His other books include a biography of the Danish rock band Kashmir and a retrospective of 40 years of rock in Denmark.