All Open And No Code – Eddie Vedder Berlin 2019

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Thrilled to go to see Edved in Berlin, this time accompanied by my daughter Lulu. Saw Pearl Jam, and met Eddie for the first time, when Lulu was just two weeks old (I should have been at home I know … Sorrryyyy) so there's a lot of family and band history mixed up here. I remember sitting with Ed (who was then not a father), in San Sebastian November 1996 on the No Code tour , showing him pictures of my newborn, and remember how emotionally he responded. Later Lulu and Ed has met on a few occasions, but this will be her first Edved solo show. It was the shows and the personal meetings in Spain ’96, which truly got me 'Pearl Jammed' and not at least the 'tuned down' songs from No Code. Songs which easily resonated with all the thoughts, reflections and emotions you go through with a newborn baby. I'd love to hear some of them in Berlin. Here's a Wishlist!!, let's see what the good man is up to in 'Mauer Park'.

The Playlist, Wishlist


First song from No Code, which was also an entrance for me into the spiritual, reflective side of Eddie and PJ, which opened up to new dimensions in the music, thoughts and vocabulary of Ed and the band. 

Large fingers pushing paint

You're God and you've got big hands

The colors blend... the challenges you give Man

Seek my part... devote myself

My small self... like a book amongst the many on a shelf

Around the Bend

Ending song on No Code. A tune I constantly played on guitar, getting Lulu to sleep as an infant, although I constantly forgot the lyrics. There's a 'tranquil' peace and quietness to this song, which always made me relax.  I remember being told in Spain 96, that this is a lullaby written by Eddie to Jack Irons son. He was five during the No Code tour, the only kid along, and I remember him running around like crazy backstage, not being able to relax. No idea where he is at today, but I always thought this was such a cool gesture from Ed. To write this comforting lullaby to the son of his close friend, The RHCP drummer, who originally recommended him to the other PJ guys, and who would later be the drummer of PJ in a great time period of their career.

Light Years

A personal favorite which for me is strongly associated with the Roskilde tragedy year 2000, and the memories of the nine young men who lost their lives, as well as their friends and families who survived them.


A deep, melancholic favorite from 1994 album Vitalogy, which I believe includes strong reflections to the death of Kurt Cobain, earlier the same year. While writing about Pearl Jam, the lyrics also fitted like hand in glove with the life story of one of the victims. So for Leo and Kurt it just goes to say 'Some die just to live'. You're not forgotten.


All kinds of memories related to the movie and the music of Into the Wild. The theme for Lulu's High School graduation project, and a favorite movie for both my kids (slightly frightening, thinking of the destiny of Alexander Supertramp). Nevertheless, pretty amazing in all its shapes and forms, from the incredible visuals of (not at least) Alaska, Sean Penn's excellent instruction, the memorable and stunning acting from Emilie Hirsch, Willam Hurt, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook and more, and off course Eddie's great songs.

Can't keep

Always great to hear this fine little tune, recorded for both Riot Act and Ukulele Songs. Intense and fast as well as light and open. For me a song about the insistence of freedom, and rejecting bowing down to other people's rules and preferences.

Unthought Known

Eddie hits some high notes hear, in a way he masters like noone else. 'Dream the dreams of other men, you'll be no one's rival'. One of many songs about believing in yourself, and standing up for your goals and visions.

Off He Goes

A key track from No Code, favorite track by Australian Alexander Hurley, who perished at Roskilde 2000. I've played a lot of PJ songs with Lulu over the years. She sings this one especially well.

Long Road

Always perplexed about the weight and depth of this song. Originally the soundtrack to the amazing movie Dead Man Walking, with the two close friends of Pearl Jam (and especially Eddie Vedder) Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn in the leading roles. Sarandon won an Oscar and Penn was nominated for the same for the film in 1996. The opening song when Pearl Jam played Denmark in 2007. The first show on danish soil since Roskilde 2000. The concept of life and death is at the forefront here.


No Code again, just love that album, especially when in the reflective mode. Favorite song of my good friend Leila from Buenos Aires, who has helped me in critical situations, and whom I've met with every time, I've been to South America. Best wishes and greetings to her, if Eddie plays this one in Berlin


After seeing 30 PJ shows between 1996-2018 you sense a certain movement and logic in the different shows, although the set lists are never repeated. One variation is ending on a quiet low, after the classic encore singalongs. Never better and more suitable when to the notes of Indifference. Clear and strong whether played by the band, or as soundtrack after the show, as when I saw PJ with Lulu in Berlin in 2012. PJ also ended with this song in Santiago, Chile last year. The day after Stone Gossard invited me to dinner with Chilean crew member Manuel. Seriously laughed when they talked about the slight panic in band and crew the night before, when Eddie forgot a verse during Indifference. At this point the first PJ shows in 20 months or so. Hopefully we'll hear Ed's solo version, all verses included, in Berlin.

Isn't It A Pity / Here comes the sun

Heard amazing version of these excellent Beatles/George Harrison songs, accompanied by the Red Limo String Quartet, when seeing Ed solo in London 2017. I would love to hear both, but if just one of them are aired with the sounds of the string quartet in Berlin, you'll hear zero complaints from this writer.

Present Tense / I'm Open

I'll end this Wishlist (well feel free to play this one to) where I started out; No Code naturally. Two of the most directly spiritual tunes from Pearl Jam ever. I remember a strong and impressive version of Present Tense, when PJ played Berlin last year, basically Mike and Ed. This time I'm hoping for the acoustic version, or maybe a combination of both songs. It's gonna be a good one.