Homerun in Copenhagen

After a whole lotta PJ around the Globe in more than one way, I was ready for a slight break, when Anders Stokholm from Cinemateket invited me to introduce Let's Play Two, and sell some books at a music film festival in Copenhagen.

Once again it turned out to be a great and memorable night. My initial idea was to introduce the film and then hang in the bar, waiting for whoever might be interested in a book. Didn't expect much since I spotted quite a bit of familiar faces, who I knew, already had it.

But after introducing the band, the film, and uttering some words about the very recent tour, which I witnessed first hand on three different continents, the inspiration came right back. Less than three weeks earlier I 'screamed my lungs out' at Fenway Park, in Boston, and three weeks prior to that, doing the exact same thing at Safeco Field in Seattle. So it felt very familiar to reunite with the band, the fans, on a legendary American Baseball Stadium. This time Wrigley Field in Chicago from a distance.


With all the rage, anger, madness and fear coming from The White House, and the followers of this parody of a President these days, it's great to be reminded of  the friendly, warm, fun and cool Americans, of whom I met so many these past months. And it's exactly this charming spirit which comes across so strong in Let's Play Two. You simply can't get enough of this band, their music and the unique atmosphere surrounding the Fab Seattleites wherever they go.

And thanks to all of you buying books and koozies afterwards. Much more than I expected. As always accompanied by good talks and interaction. These events often takes places in South America, USA or somewhere else in Europe, but this time in my hometown, accompanied by my girlfriend, daughter and good friends. Super nice.

Thanks to Anders, Cinemateket, Yuri, Hanne, Ib, Kasper, Lulu, Mario and all of you who were there. See you again

- Tuxen

PS: … if you missed this special book signing event and want a signed book, please write marie@captainkiddbooks.com or visit captainkiddbooks for more information.