Hope To Meet You In London

by Henrik Tuxen, June 14th 2018

Hi everybody out there having fun, enjoying this great European summer, topped with World Cup Football, and definitely PJ Europe.

I'm psyched to see what the Seattle Fab Five (well six on stage) has up their sleeves, when I'm on for both nights at O2 in London this upcoming week. But equally excited to meet lots of old and new friends out there.

So many of you have been extremely supportive of my book, and most importantly; your comments, activities and actions, have been very parallel to the underlying feelings and vibe, I tried to catch in the book, in line with how I've experienced the core of Pearl Jam’s music, actions, spirit and soul.



Stone Gossard just signed my own copy in Seattle, including the line 'I'm so happy we're on this journey together', and that's exactly it.

This has turned out to be one adventurous and seemingly endless journey, with a real sense of being in it together. 'Me you, you me, it's all related ' to quote Faithfull. Of course it's amazing to know that Stone - and what I hear from the band - also see it this way, which is due to the feedback they get from you people, and the stories I tell them. I'm humble and grateful for this. Your support is the only reason these words and stories live.

I just got of the phone with Birgitta Gustafsson from Sweden, who lost her son Carl-Johan at Roskilde Festival in year 2000, and later has become very close friends with Stone Gossard, as well as the rest of Pearl Jam. She and her husband Ebbe will soon travel to Italy to see Pearl Jam, and spent some great holiday time, with close Italian friends (half their age), whom they've met in wake of the tragedy. All true fans. Birgitta was in a great, cheerful mode, and super happy to witness the progress of the book, which also tells her family story, including the worst nightmare of her life. 'I follow everything on Facebook', she said (and might even read this). I told her, that the feedback me and Marie (my Danish publisher) receives, is so much in line with the vibe, I tried to write it in. 

And if Stone and Birgitta are happy about it, I'm happy. All due to your response, including that the memory and spirit of her son, will keep on living through you reading and hearing about him. Carl-Johan was a great enthusiastic Pearl Jam fan, just like you and me.



'Pearl Jam fans are great people' my publisher in Chile Luis Cruz, said to me two months ago, during an amazing event in Santiago, Chile, where I presented ‘The More you Need – The less you get', and many people came to get a signature of the original Spanish translation 'Tras la huella de Pearl Jam'. The great tribute band Piedra Negra also played, and I got to join in on guitar for Light Years. I just told Birgitta this as an example. 'It seems like it's people who not only love the music, but who are also deeply into the lyrics, the meaning and spirit, and who really care about each other' Luis continued. He couldn't have been more right.

Looking at the many young, beautiful 'Latinas' in the crowd, Luis also added; 'In my next life, I'll write a book about Pearl Jam', but that's a different story.



But for now, I'm attending the Wishlist Foundation party on Monday June 18 at Trafalgar Tavern in London, and hope to see as many new and familiar faces as possible. You are to many to mention, but I'll list a few.

Of course there's the organisers from Wishlist, and the great people from Pearl Jam Nordic, who have been most helpful from the start. I'm very excited to see how Tom Pugh from Given To Live is doing, after completing his marathon walk from Brighton to London, where he's raising funds to take less fortunate people than you and I to PJ shows, climb the O2 and experience things, beyond their wildest dreams. Then there's the mythic Greek, Dimitris, who's sharing the good words, literally 'kicked ' the Kickstarter campaign for the book 'pass the goal line'. And of course our new Polish friend, Maciek, who partly provided a great 'last minute' picture for the book, and sent me this, personally designed, 'Pearl Jam Touring Tribe' t-shirt, which I'm proudly wearing writing these lines, and will bring along for the tour. Also sweet Emeline from France, who's written many warm and encouraging words, equally Charlotte Mai Jakobsen, and many more. Next Friday I'll eat breakfast with Simon Johansen in Copenhagen. A native Dane, who has lived in Australia since 2003. Simon’s personal writing, including his experience at Roskilde Festival 2000 has affected me deeply. Simon has also been extremely generous - in words and means - to this project, and has opened his home for my daughter and her boyfriend in Australia. Maybe we'll see a PJ show together on this tour, but for sure one day.



Then there's great new friends which I won't meet this time, but very soon I hope. Juliet from New Zealand, who's written some warm words, but due to the output of CO2 from plane rides, decided not to make the trip to the other side of the World. Then there's a very fine man, Michael Young (@Given2Flyimages), who planned to interview and photograph PJ fans on the entire European Tour, for a non-profit charity book. Michael has a history of heart problems, felt he got his life and spirit back, seeing Pearl Jam, and (with the support of his wife and family) decided to quit his job and spend time following Pearl Jam, and contribute to charity. Unfortunately Michael recently had a set back, and is right now in hospital. But still full of spirit and ready for Pearl Jam in Seattle in August, where I'll meet him for the first time.

So enjoy Pinkpop and will see as many of you as possible in London. Hail Hail.

- Tuxen

Wishlist Foundation PreParty London 1
Henrik Tuxen Touring Poles t-shirt
Maciek Miękina Amsterdam 1 2018