London did call ...

by Henrik Tuxen, 9.43am London, June 19 2018.

… and what a voice yesterday. Had the greatest day. Dead early flight from Copenhagen. I made it, slightly shivering when I actually sat in the seat, no more comments on that (oouuch). Get out of that door in good time, you big … ! 

Made it to the Wishlist Foundation party, at around 1.00 pm. A truly spectacular venue, right next to the Thames, directly opposite of the O2. Huge, classic, Britain at its best. Was approached immediately by a Finnish guy, who'd read my book, and from there on it was a great afternoon, spending time with a great new and old friends at the Trafalgar Tavern. Thanks to all, and not at least from warm and touching comments, from the many people who apparently have been affected by the book I've written about our favorite band, Cecilie Bolgen, Anders Selander, David Svensson, Nicole, Brando, and many more.


Just about to wrap up the Swedes Anders and David came up fully dressed in yellow and blue celebrating Sweden's victory in World Cup against Korea minutes rather than hours before.

Said goodbye, or rather, see you soon, to all cool people at the Wishlist, and found my way with David, Anders and Cecilie to the O2. A Lucky guy, I had a guest ticket, found my way backstage, which was pretty dull at first to be honest. But the telly got on, England vs Tunisia, and then Mike McCready showed up, off course with a Fender guitar around his neck. Can't say it was the longest chat ever, but cool to catch up, 'I was wondering if you were gonna come out for the tour' Mike said, and gave me a good 'more later' hug, before getting ready to hit the stage. I am, and it's great.


Close to showtime, Mike, and a new friend I got to hang out with Rob, left the backstage, so did I. Turned out I had the greatest seat, and close to some super cool American guys I met and saw football with at the Tavern, and other familiar faces. Later got company from Cecilie, pretty perfect.

Great show, but also pretty weird at times. Ed partly losing his voice and being in a really joking mode. Partly smash out hits, but also different rarities, and some very intense version of songs as Love Boat Captain and Parting Ways. Super ending with fist encore song Off He Goes, being one of the highpoints. Lot of laughing, lot of cheering, and one hell of a lot of rocking out. Totally blasting out at the end, no surprise. Encore almost longer than the set.


Visited after party area afterwards with good fun and action. Spoke more to Rob and his wife again, and other people. Chatted with manager Kelly Curtis, cool character, difficult to explain in words, but it's fun, he's a real personality. Jeff Ament showed up as the only band member. Jeff was excited, he thought the crowd had been super great.

'Not like the first 10 years playing London', he said. So many people taking Nirvana's side back then, as if it was a war between two competing Nations. Well, that was way back then, that issue has surpassed itself, doesn't really happen anymore Jeff said, although the industrial district of Germany, earlier on were difficult to persuade Jeff remembered.

New friend Rob (actually taking care of some legal business for PJ) was politely eager if I could snap a photo of him and Jeff. Off course I would, but the bass player was naturally a popular guy this night, but it all worked out.


Anyway happened a little later, when hiking and trekking became the subject.

With amazing Chilean friends I've been trekking twice now, both 2017 and 2018, up above 3,000 meters, sleeping in tents and chillin' in hot natural termas in the middle of starry nights in wild surroundings. I knew Jeff had been to Patagonia (spectacular area in south Chile/Argentina), pretty much my personal goal in that division, sometime in the future.

I met Jeffs tour guide in Santiago, partly showing a live picture of a 110 kilo puma they spotted. Jeff said, he was just totally psyched about it, and how his new goal in that field was to go to Antarktis. We ended up having a quite extended talk about amazing South America, the people and the amazing, challenging, and a points absolutely magical nature, which Jeff in different ways compared to Montana, where he grew up. Like my great friend and trekking Nemo leader Alejandro screamed last year, in the middle of the Mountains of Chillan, next to termas, absolutely remote from modern city life: “Welcome to the real World!”

So a day of blast out rock'n'roll ended up in totally dwelling in to the natural wildlife of the World, and how small an fragile, and absolutely spiritually stunned, you feel, in the heart of the real wilderness. Dwelling deeply into this with a fellow – but far superior and experienced – Nature's child, who, by the way also happens to be the bass player of the band, this is all about.

Looking forward to London Calling, Day #2.

- Tuxen