One Year Today

A year ago today we launched a kickstarter campaign, to see if there was anybody out there, who'd be interested in reading about my history with, and passion for, Pearl Jam. After a few days Kickstarter wrote, 'you're statistically 63% likely to succeed' (oouchh!) but after just 13 days we met our goal, and people continued to donate through out the entire campaign. Thank you so much to all 250 of you out there, for believing in me and making this happen.

From March to September I've seen seven shows on three different continents – Santiago, Chile, London, Berlin, Seattle, Boston - plus being in town and having tickets for two cancelled ones (Buenos Aires and London). I've shared meals with Stone on all three continents and have met with other band members, crew and management at various shows.

And then I've had the opportunity to present The More you need – The Less You Get at official arrangements in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Berlin, Copenhagen, Seattle and Boston. This has been overwhelming to say the least, especially the many personal meetings, and people sharing their generally heart-felt stories with me. Thanks to Anna Moon, Pearl Jam Argentina, Rock & Ball, Piedra Negra, Pearl Jam Chile Alive, Libros Dementira, Pearl Jam Nordic, Given to Live, Pearl Jamm, Wishlist Foundation, Rob Bleestein, Simon Johansen, Julia Nikiforova and all you other enthusiastic – music lovers with a heart - out there.

We're far from finished presenting this book, writing updated blogs, going to PJ shows and meet as many of you fellow jammers as possible in the future. And if some of you are short of Christmas presents, the book is available here (signed copy) - and on Amazon.

After 6 months in transit, from South America, three times in USA and different places around Europe, I'm currently home-based in Copenhagen, basically focusing on winning matches for my table tennis team, and writing on a new book-project. At the moment I'm deeply into the life and music of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, which has fascinated me continiously, since the first time I heard Smells like Teen Spirit. There's till plenty of work to be done, but it should be safe to say that a Kurt Cobain book-release in English from my pen, will be published in 2019.

Thanks – humble and happy. Tuxen

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Henrik Tuxen in Seattle Peal Jam HQ. Photo: Eddie Vedder.png

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