Seattle August 2018

What a week. Visiting this fine City in May, I was invited to present ‘The More You Need - The Less You Get' at Nordic Museum in Ballard August 9th, fitting perfectly with the Home Shows. I was also invited to join The Wishlist Foundation for both pre-parties, to sell, and sign the book. Furthermore I got the assignment from Danish Music Magazine Gaffa, to write a story on the Home Shows, as well as the celebration of Sub Pops 30th anniversary at Alki Beach on Saturday the 11th. So I ended up having my hands full in this week in Seattle so to speak.

I was very happy to be in company with my friend and publisher Marie Hansen, who's simply Miss practical-organizer-'three steps ahead'. Amazing, all the stuff I'm not, but so badly need. Then Marie and I were both especially glad about the company of Steen Jørgensen, Chairman of the Board for Roskilde Festival, who plays a major role in all of this, and joined us for all mentioned above. Very much due to his support, Roskilde Festival financed the english translation of the book. Very brave of him to join in Seattle, Roskilde Festival and Pearl Jam’s history taken into account, but it all went very well and was mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Due to courtesy of Sidsel Thomassen (editor of Gaffa Denmark) I've been allowed to translate and publish the Gaffa article and post it here, prior to the publication in Denmark. This taken into account, I'll just briefly put down in words what happened during the days in Seattle as an intro the larger story.



I arrived August 6th, and apart from meeting briefly with die-hards fans waiting in line at Safeco, Cecilie Bolgen, Gina Davis, two days before the show, I made my way to Madison Park, staying with my friends The Sangster family, as I've done on numerous of occasions.

Busy, partly doing nothing, and preparing presentation and stuff with Marie, I slept and knocked of the jetlag.



August 8th was a great and memorable day. Great to join Wishlist Foundation, talk with all kinds of people, and then an incredible night one at Safeco Field.

The one and only Stone Gossard had help me out with full treatment VIP tickets (although we insisted to pay due to charity) but wrote me in Seattle, that he was absolutely swamped up busy, and were taken care of kids and family in Seattle, so we wouldn't have time to meet in person this time.

And just before showtime, the classic questions from Marie: "Henrik, what will be the opening song tonight?"


Revisiting Nordic Museum turned out to be a very fine and emotional night. Many people showed up, almost all of them buying books. I focused the presentation strongly on my personal connections to Seattle, now and then. During my first stay in Seattle, January 1996, I recorded an album with my old band The Sharing Patrol, just down the road in Ballard, 3-400 meters from Nordic Museum (I even dared to play an acoustic guitar version from that record). A visit that later the same year led me to meet especially Eddie Vedder, but also the rest of Pearl Jam. A very moving night at Nordic Museum.

Thanks to all who came, the great people from Nordic Museum, Julia Nikiforova, Northwest Danish Association, and everyone who supported and promoted this event.



If day one was good, day two absolutely topped it, both as far as the Wishlist pre-party and Pearl Jam at Safeco. With Danny Clinch in the room, the turn out for the pre-party was remarkable. We had our own booth, and sold out all the books (and the koozies) we brought. Once again, great talks and meetings, and heart-warming and personal stories.

The Pearl Jam show was an absolute 3 1/2 hour killer, which truly hailed the musical history of the city, topped with The Home Shows collection more than 11 million $ to fight homelessness in Seattle.



On my last full day in Seattle, I basically spent my time, at the amazing Alki Beach, in West Seattle, celebrating 30 years of Sub Pop. What a history, what a label, and still alive'n'kicking.

After an amazing and thought-provoking week in Seattle, I once again ran into fellow jammers in Seatac, boarded the plane, and played online chess all the way to Amsterdam - more or less pounding down the Gaffa story in transit - and then finally, Copenhagen.

So many people to thank for this amazing trip as Pearl Jam, Stone Gossard, Wishlist Foundation, Jeannette Pifer, Brando Calrissian, Jennifer, Julia Nikiforova, Pearl Jam Nordic, Steen Jørgensen, Roskilde Festival, Nordic Museum, Stina Cowen, Sheila Stickel, Jonathan Saida, Eric Nelson, Line larsen, Northwest Danish Association, Johnny Sangster, Lene Sangster, ShowBox SoDo, Kevin Cole, KEXP.

I will share the US edition of the Gaffa story 'Seattle Grunge turns 30' soon. Hopefully already this weekend.

Next stop Boston Night 1 and Wishlist pre-party.  

- Tuxen