Six months on the road – and I'm gonna make it home tonight

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Wouw, sitting here in hometown, Copenhagen, flashing back, slightly blown away. One day shy of six months ago since I took the plane to Santiago, Chile. Going more or less directly from the airport to venue to see Pearl Jam, and the same day I held a copy of 'The more you need – The less you get' in my hand for the first time (Stone Gossard got the very first one). Seven shows, two canceled ones (Buenos Aires, and London). Three long talks and meals with Stone Gossard on three different continents, more precisely Santiago, Seattle and Berlin. Short catch up and photos with Mike McCready, longer talk, especially concerning the wilderness of Southern Chile and Argentina with Jeff Ament, and various chats with members from crew and management. No sight of Matt and Ed this time, never met Boom.

Book launch in Buenos Aires

Amazing book launch with super cool bands in Buenos Aires, hosted by Anna Moon, Pearl Jam Argentina and Rock and Ball. Thank you guys for an amazing welcome and evening. Equally great presentation, book signing and interview (conducted in Spanish) in Santiago, few days later, with the great Piedra Negra playing some fine tunes. Cool book signing at Siddhartha in Berlin, ambitious presentation at Nordic Museum, Seattle and three great book signings at the cool, inspiring and well-organized Wishlist Foundations pre-parties, in respectively Seattle and Boston. Various interviews and articles, check recent radio interview with (the) Rob Bleetstein, Pearl Jam Radio, tomorrow September 12th.

Besides that meetings and parties with an outrageous number of old and new friends, on three continents. Simply fans coming from all over the World, joined by the healing power of music and the love of Pearl Jam. A special hail hail to the many who combines their passion for the band with a clever approach to charity funding, as Brando and everybody at Wishlist Foundations, Tom Pugh at Given to Live, and Michael Young at Amongst The Waves. So cool to witness how a wide range of fans activities are so much in line with that spirit I felt and experienced, when I first saw and met the band in Barcelona 1996. It all makes sense

Me Casa Tu Casa

People everywhere opening their homes, 'me casa tu casa', as my friend Carlita in Santiago, and many others I know, continues, not only to say, but practice. And there's always a helping hand when needed whether it's in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Seattle, Chile or Boston, from people like Julia Nikiforova, Pernille Ravn, Cindy McElhiney, Alejandro Espinosas and Leila Rausch.

Amazing feeling to be able to travel the World and meet with a bunch of friends and like-minded no matter what time, place and continent. And this not only applied for myself. My daughter has standing invitations around the Globe due to peoples love of Pearl Jam, and appreciation of my story about them. This has for instance resulted in a prolonged stay with her boyfriend Mario, at Simon Johansens place in Brisbane, Australia. Also thanks to the continued support from Jimmy and Pearl Jam Nordic. Much appreciated.

Hometown Milestone

Pearl Jam’s continued power and substance is remarkable, and especially the entire task of the Seattle Home Shows, with the raising of 11.5 million$ to fight homelessness is impressive and innovative beyond words. Such a project, effort and result, originating from 5-6 guys playing guitar rock, just mind-blowing. The second Seattle show ranks among my all time favorites, What a tribute to the root and core of what became known as Grunge. I wish for anyone to see the wild appreciating of Pearl Jam in South America, with the entire audience jumping up and down from start to finish, and singing along not just on chorus's, but on vers, b-parts and guitar riffs as well. Memories of seeing the Lollapalooza show in Santiago among 80.000 spectators, with a perfect view over Central Santiago by night. Unforgettable. London and Berlin proved that Pearl Jam’s popularity in Europe is stronger than ever. Great shows. Something I spoke with respectively Jeff and Stone about, who both strongly felt exactly that.

2019 rocks

Still my favorite band, who continues to grow on stage, but I'm also ready for a time out, had my shares of 'Alive' for a while. But I'll be back when the band wagon rolls again. Last but not least, thank you so much to friends, PJ-fans and all kinds of people all over the World who continuous to buy, read and support The More You Need – The less you get. Me and my friend and publisher Marie Hansen, has been thrilled to witness how the support of the book continues to grow. Including the many personal and hearth-warming stories from people coming up to me, who has been touched by the stories of the victims of Roskilde Festival 2000, and for many personally has been dealing with loss and grief. In this respect I'm particularly happy that Chairman of the Board from Roskilde Festival, Steen Jørgensen (responsible for financing the translation of the book) joined me and Marie for Home Shows and related activities in Seattle,

The main spirit of the book is still to honor the nine fine young men who lost their lives in front of the stage seeing Pearl Jam in 2000. It could have been you and me.

Thank you all fellow jammers, see you out there in the near future. 2019, more shows, and what about that album!! Come on guys, we're ready for more.

Hail Hail – Keep on rockin' in the free World.

- Tuxen

PS: ALL tour pictures here!