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Alternative PEARL JAM biography approved by the band.

“We never wanted anyone to write the official band biography, and we still feel that way. But if you choose to write your own interpretations, based upon all the things that we have experienced together and about what has happened, I would like to participate in any way that I can. I think that would be an interesting read and an important story to tell.”

— Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam.

About the book

PEARL JAM The More You Need – The Less You Get is a road movie in book form, packed with tales from the balconies to the backstages of dynamic and unique concerts, from Barcelona and Berlin to Hawaii, New York, London and Buenos Aires. You get both a unique rock’n’roll narrative with behind-the-scene reports and a warm, touching story of how international rock stars and relatives are forever tied to a tragedy that has inspired new insights and a wide range of deep and loving relationships.  

Danish rock musician and journalist Henrik Tuxen has followed Pearl Jam since the very beginnings of the Seattle scene of the early 90s and has known the band personally since 1996 as a fan, friend and journalist. He later became a liaison between the band and many of the nine families who lost a child during the band’s concert at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival on June 30, 2000, which Tuxen witnessed from the stage. Now Tuxen generously shares previously unpublished interviews, photos, insights and personal anecdotes of his firsthand interactions with the band. This is Tuxen’s alternative Pearl Jam biography including photos from private collections, but many, including the cover photo, were provided courtesy of Pearl Jam.

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Henrik Tuxen’s new and alternative Pearl Jam biography includes photos from private collections, but many, including the cover photo, were provided courtesy of Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam 2013. Photo @ Danny Clinch / Universal Music Group.

Pearl Jam 2013. Photo @ Danny Clinch / Universal Music Group.


Reader reviews

“A must read for Pearl Jam fans or just music fans in general. Henrik takes the reader on an insightful and personal look at Pearl Jam's history and fans across the world.”

— Michael on Amazon

“Henrik's book and writing style are much like Pearl Jam's music in that you feel a true connection to the author and his words. His stories are told in manner that's respectful to the band, and with the utmost respect regarding the Roskilde incident and the families and friends of those who were killed. Despite his incredible access to the band over the years, you can tell he's as much a fan as the rest of us, and not only of Pearl Jam, but of rock and grunge music in general.”

— Cindy on Amazon

New blog and Playlist


It’s an honor to welcome Pearl Jamm onto the stage!

Some time back Henrik Tuxen had a cozy tete-a-tete with Pearl Jamm about what song they love to play live. Join us for a special live setlist:

As a musician and a fan, the songs you like to listen to are not always the best fun to play and vice versa. Playing a song gives a different perspective to it and can bring some to life to some tunes you don't usually listen to. The songs we have chosen are based purely on which put the biggest smiles on our faces or that we personally connect to emotionally during a live performance. 

If you want to experience Pearl Jamm live, make sure to get your ticket soon. They are going fast: Next gig is at The Garage on 23rd March. Henrik Tuxen will be in town too.

Continue reading . . . and the playlist:

Porch - Go - Given To Fly - Once - Just Breathe - Present Tense - Jeremy - Rearviewmirror - Nothingman - Brain Of J.

We only have    15 signed books    left.

We only have 15 signed books left.

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More anecdotes from the road and behind the scenes

by Henrik Tuxen

Henrik Tuxen had a chance to chat with radio host @acidpalace the Rob in Boston, September 3, 2018. Tune in...