Tuxen’s baCK CATALOG

Henrik Tuxen September 2018. Photo: Morten Larsen

Henrik Tuxen September 2018. Photo: Morten Larsen


Journalist, musician and ping pong player
Master’s degree in Social Science from Roskilde University, 1995

Since 1996, rock journalist Henrik Tuxen has penned nearly 100 cover stories for Denmark's leading music magazine, Gaffa, in addition to countless personal conversations and interviews with Pearl Jam, many of which were subsequently translated and used in the band's official press materials. Also a musician himself, Tuxen was the bassist and backing vocalist in the band Sharing Patrol. His other books include a biography of the Danish rock band Kashmir and a retrospective of 40 years of rock in Denmark. 

Tuxen has worked as a journalist and editor since 1995 for an array of music magazines, daily newspapers and book publishers. From 1996 to 1997, Tuxen was a journalist at the music magazine Wild, and from 1998 to 2004 he was co-editor and journalist for the music magazine Gaffa. He has worked for the daily newspaper BT since 2014.

Tuxen now works as a freelance music journalist, live interviewer and talks, author, and resumed his career as a musician.



Sharing Patrol 1984-1997
Dogfood 1995-1997
Chosen Few 1998-2001


Kashmir: From Nirvana to Rocket Brothers (Danish edition published 2004)
In the footsteps of Pearl Jam – before and after Roskilde (Danish edition published in 2005 and later translated to Spanish and published in Chile: Tras la huella de Pearl Jam)
Gaffa’s Cultural Canon (published 2006 in Danish)
PEARL JAM: The More You Need - The Less You Get. (Danish edition published October 28, 2016.)
PEARL JAM: The More You Need - The Less You Get. (US edition published March 7 2018.)