"NINE ROCKS is a film about guilt, sorrow but also of finding one’s new place in life after the most tragic and life changing experience.

The story is told by director Tor Nygård Kolding who was part of the pile of people in front of the stage,  when nine young men were suffocated during Pearl Jam’s concert during the 2000 Roskilde Festival.

On june 30th 2015 it was exactly 15 years ago. We held a premiere at the Roskilde Festival where 3000 people sat and watched it with us.

Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam sent this note, that the director of Roskilde Henrik Bondo Nielsen read to the audience:


NINE ROCKS is Tor’s story, with music by Pearl Jam.

"June 30, 2000 is a date that I will never forget. What was meant to be a day of people coming together and celebrating their love of music, ended in the loss of nine lives with thousands more left deeply impacted by injury, grief and loss. Processing grief it is a very individual thing. Tor Kolding’s process included making this film about his experience in the months and years that followed. Tor conveyed to me in recent correspondence that he hadn’t spoken with one single guy or girl in the audience that day that didn't feel some kind of guilt over what happened. I can relate. My hope is that this film - and the journey he embarked on to create it - helps Tor and others to process the horror of that day."

- Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam

'PEARL JAM The More You Need - The Less You Get' (US edition) is

... translated by

Michael Lee Burgess. Translation from Danish to English was made possible by the support of Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

Michael is an expat originally from Denver who moved to Denmark in 1998 after finishing college. Once in Copenhagen, he began writing fiction and playing an active role in the emergence of a vibrant spoken word scene in the Danish capital around the turn of the millennium. After gaining a good grip on the intricacies of the local tongue, he shifted his focus to translating from Danish to English in 2006.

Ever since attending a small show on the advice of a friend on May 5, 1992 at the Glenn Miller Ballroom on the campus of CU Boulder, Michael has had a close affinity for Pearl Jam. He spent the rest of his junior year of high school wearing the long sleeve “rhino” t-shirt he bought at the concert, as PJ started getting more and more play on MTV and fewer and fewer classmates thought it was a shirt for fruit spread. He was also at the Roskilde Festival concert in 2000, which only adds to the gratitude he feels for being a part of bringing this book to a wider audience.

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